Day 76

December 9, 2016 For one of my classes, we share a study guide together and for that I am grateful because it gives me the opportunity to make sure I haven’t missed anything important from the notes that will be on the final exam. Advertisements

Day 75

December 8, 2016 I am grateful my class let out an hour early because I had time to study for its final and review some material.

Day 74

December 7, 2016 I am extremely grateful that my class moved up the final to today and that I studied for it. I feel pretty good about it.

Day 73

December 6, 2016 Although I had bad experiences with the pancakes in the caf, I decided to get them again before my morning class, and I am grateful that I did because they tasted delicious.

Day 72

December 5, 2016 I am grateful that a couple of my classes are having reviews before finals next week because I’m sure I need them.

Day 71

December 4, 2016 The weekend has passed by so quickly, but I am grateful for the food my mom makes because I’ve been getting a little sick of the cafeteria food.

Day 70

December 3, 2016 I am grateful I got to go to my little cousin’s birthday party and be surrounded by family. I feel like time has passed by so fast.

Day 69

December 2, 2016 I am very grateful that today is Friday because I get to go back home and see my family after having a long week.

Day 68

December 1, 2016 I am grateful that I have made it until December and not gave up on trying hard to do my work.

Day 67

November 30, 2016 I am grateful that I absolutely killed my speech. Everyone was laughing at the jokes I made and I stayed within the time limit.

Day 66

November 29, 2016 I am grateful I’m almost done with having to do quizzes before every Econ class.

Day 65

November 28, 2016 I am grateful I slept early last night because I always tend to sleep late even when I know I’ll regret it in the morning.