Day 64

November 27, 2016 I am grateful to be back on campus because I focus better and do more work when I’m here. Advertisements

Day 63

November 26, 2016 I am grateful for spending more time with my family.

Day 62

November 25, 2016 I went Black Friday shopping in the middle of the night last night and it was more exhausting than I thought it was. I took a long nap today that didn’t end up with me having sleep paralysis so for that I am grateful.

Day 61

November 24, 2016 Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because I get to spend it with all of my family and eat a lot of great food. I am grateful for all the times I have spent with them even if I can’t recall them all.

Day 60

November 23, 2016 Today I got to spend the day with my little brothers. It has been a long time since it was just the three of us and I am grateful that we didn’t get too annoyed with each other.

Day 59

November 22, 2016 I am very grateful that tonight I get to go back home for thanksgiving break! Also, my 8 AM class got cancelled so I got to sleep in.

Day 58

November 21, 2016 I had a MicroEcon test today and I am very grateful that spent a few hours going over the material before class.

Day 57

November 20, 2016 I am grateful that I am not pushing back doing my homework until the last minute like I always do.

Day 56

November 19, 2016 I am grateful for the food they have in the cafeteria even if it feels like it’s far away.

Day 55

November 18, 2016 I am grateful that I took my religion test today because it helped me force myself to recall information I had learned and also because it was moved from Tuesday to today.

Day 53

November 14, 2016 I am grateful that I did not have to redo my speech today for my COM 180 class because I felt very tired and a little sick.

Day 52

November 13, 2016 I am grateful for celebrating my brothers’ birthday party. They are the youngest of my siblings and even though they can be annoying, I still love them.